Christina Asbee, Esq.
Director  PAATPAVA

Helen Charland
PAATPAVA  Advocate

Lindsay Infantino

PAVA  Advocate

Yasmine Kamel
PAVA  Advocate

Ryan McDonald, Esq.

​​PAAT Staff Attorney

​​​​​​​​​​David Young, Esq.

Anthony Baer

Staff Attorney

Virginia Anderson

Intake Specialist

Diana Fuentes Gomez

Intake Specialist

Thomasena Heston
Intake Specialist​​​

Megan Philip

Intake Specialist

Tikisha Roy

Intake Specialist

Audra Bentley

Support Specialist

PAIR/PABBS Supervising Attorney

Jessica Barlow

PAIR Staff Attorney

Emily DiBiase

PAIR/PABBS Staff Attorney

Sara Liss

PAIR Staff Attorney

​​Srabone Monir

PAIR Staff Attorney

Eliana Robles

PABSS Staff Attorney

Ben Thapa
PABSS Staff Attorney

Megan Williams

PAIR Staff Attorney​​

Betsy Sterling, Esq.
Director PAIMI

Nina Loewenstein
PAIMI Supervising Attorney

Elena Landriscina

Alison Lynch
PAIMI Staff Attorney

Amanda Pearlstein

PAIMI Staff Attorney

Andrew Stecker
PAIMI Staff Attorney

Brandy Tomlinson

PAIMI Staff Attorney

Christine Waters
PAIMI Staff Attorney

Scott Wells

PAIMI Staff Attorney

Danielle Myers, CPA

Chief Financial Officer & Director of Operations

Cliff Zucker, Esq.

General Counsel

Executive Director


Robert Adams
Senior Staff Accountant

Liz Taylor
Human Resources Director

Crystal Scimone


Melissa Sheeley

​Human Resources Generalist

Alicia McCool

​Accounts Payable Specialist 

Forest Cotten

Communications & Marketing 


Darci DeLisle

Executive Assistant

DRNY Staff

Julie Michaels Keegan, Esq.

Director  PADD & PATBI

Bill Flynn

PADD Supervising Attorney

Michael Fiske

PADD Staff Attorney

Michael Gadomski
PADD Staff Attorney

Jonathan Garvin
PADD Staff Attorney

Kathryn Mayer

PADD Staff Attorney

Lorraine McGrane

PATBI Staff Attorney

Sara Mendicino
PADD Admitted in PA & NJ

Awaiting Admission in NY


Prianka Nair

PADD Staff Attorney

Shain Neumeier
PADD Staff Attorney Analyst

Jemeli Tanui
PADD Staff Attorney​​

Lara Weissman

PADD Staff Attorney

Erica M. Molina, Esq.

Stephen Darrow

CAP Advocate

Nancy Ann Nowak
CAP Advocate

Jeremy Demick

CAP Advocate

Talia Santiago

CAP Advocate

Brenda Shannon

CAP Advocate

Shlon Smith
CAP Advocate

DRNY provides free legal and advocacy services to individuals with disabilities. Working tirelessly to protect and advance the rights of children and adults with disabilities, DRNY is committed to enabling those we serve to exercise their own life choices and fully participate in community life.