​Priority I

Ensure that individuals with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) will be afforded meaningful access to the New York State TBI Waiver program, Nursing Home Transition and Diversion (NHTD) Waiver, and other supports and services.

  • Advocate for individuals with TBI who are unnecessarily institutionalized, including out-of-state nursing facilities;

  • Advocate for access to appropriate supports and services, particularly when denial is due to behaviors associated with TBI;

  • Advocate for individuals with TBI who are dually diagnosed and eligible for other waivers to receive cross-system services and supports;

  • Monitor the transition of waiver services to a Medicaid Managed Care system.

Priority II

Conduct outreach, education and provide technical assistance to ensure that individuals, including individuals in underserved communities, throughout New York State know about DRNY, the P&A system, and can access appropriate services for individual with TBI.

  • Provide training, create publications and conduct outreach to clients, advocacy groups, judges, providers and policy makers;

  • Conduct outreach on the P&A system and DRNY throughout New York State and identify barriers to underserved communities.



Who is Eligible for PATBI Services?            

PATBI clients are individuals a with acquired or traumatic brain injury. 

What does PATBI do?     

The PATBI program provides advocacy to persons with TBI and to enhance and improve access to services, including providing training for self-advocacy.

PATBI priorities

OCTOBER 1, 2015 to SEPTEMBER 30, 2018


Julie Michaels Keegan, Esq.

​ Director

The PATBI program provides assistance to individuals with traumatic brain injuries. These services include: advice/counsel; support in pursuing administrative remedies; technical assistance; investigation and monitoring; negotiation/mediation; direct legal representation; training; and ​information/referral. There is no charge for our services.