Closed Litigation

Michaeljon Blue v. Howard Zucker, DOH, et al
Complaint 9-20-2019
Decision  03-26-2021

Preliminary Injuction Granted
Press Release with Order 05-11-2020

ASL Interpreters Absent from Press Briefings
Press Release with Complaint04-29-2020

Article 17A Guardianships Are Unconstitutional; DRNY v. Unified Court System of NYS, et al
Complaint 9-21-16
Press Release 9-26-16
Decision 8-17-17
Appeal 12-18-17
Decision 2-15-19

DRNY v. North Colonie School District, et al
Amended Complaint 8-18-14
Decision and Order 3-21-16

Two complaints v. Rensselaer County Board of Elections; One Filed With The U.S. Department Of Justice & One Filed With The NYS Attorney General’s Office
DOJ Complaint 7-29-16
NYS AG Complaint 7-29-16
Press Release 8-1-16
Video: #FIXITNOW 8-1-16

DRNY v. New York State Justice Center 
Order: Judge Sharpe Grants Summary Judgment 2-28-18
Press Release 2-28-18 
Press Release 07-18-16 
Press Release 01-09-15

Landlord Threatens Eviction Of Family With Service Animal; M.C. et al v. The Nikifor's 
Complaint 5-14-17
Press Release 5-16-17

Ronald Raymond v. New York State Department Of Civil Services, et al

DRNY v. Northern Rivers / NE Parent & Child Center
Complaint   2-17-16
Press Release  2-19-16

DRNY v. Department of Correction, et al
Amended Complaint 8-27-15
Press Release 8-27-15

Child with Disability, et al v. Sachem Central School District Board of Education
Complaint 5-19-15
Press Release 6-22-15
Favorable Decision Press Release 3-17-17