P&A for Individual Rights (PAIR)

PAIR 2023-2024 Priorities

Our PAIR program serves people with disabilities who are not eligible for assistance from our other programs. We provide legal advocacy for all people with physical disabilities. We work to ensure that they are free from discrimination in housing, employment, education, and access to public accommodations and that they are included in emergency preparedness initiatives..

These services include:

  • Advice/counsel
  • Support in pursuing administrative remedies
  • Technical assistance
  • Investigation and monitoring
  • Negotiation/mediation
  • Direct legal representation
  • Training and information/referral

Individuals often face significant problems related to any or all of the following:

  • Employment discrimination
  • Access to services 
  • Access to health care and medical insurance
  • Access to housing and housing discrimination
  • Access to appropriate and less restrictive residential placements
  • Accommodations, transportation and education

DRNY assists people of all ages in understanding and protecting their rights. We access available resources to achieve greater independence and integration into communities, enhancing opportunities for increased productivity.

Who is Eligible for PAIR Services?

PAIR clients are individuals with disabilities who are not eligible for assistance under the other P&A programs at DRNY.

There is no charge for our services