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Current Litigation


Class Action Lawsuit Challenges the Prolonged Institutionalization and Hospitalization of Individuals with Developmental Disabilities
Read Full Press Release wth Complaint here  06-16-22

Inaccessible Sidewalks in Bronx Neighborhood
Department of Justice filed a “Statement of Interest 10-06-22
Opposition to Defendants Motion10-06-22
Read Full Press Release with Complaint 06-01-22

DOCCS Continues to Deny DRNY Access to Records of Individuals with Disabilities
Press Release - 06-28-21
Full Complaint

Litigation against New York State Board of Elections Resolved -New York to Create Statewide Accessible Absentee Ballot Program
Press Release with Complaint  04-05-22

Sweeping Lawsuit Brought against New York State on Behalf of Thousands of Medicaid-eligible Children Denied Mental Health Treatment
Press Release with Complaint 03-31-22

U.S. Department of Justice Files Statement of Interest in Landmark Lawsuit Brought by DRNY, Legal Aid, and Paul, Weiss Contesting New York’s Practice of Subjecting People With Mental Illness to the Risk of Deterioration and Re-Incarceration Following Prison Release
Press Release 03-01-21

DRNY Files Appeal in DOCCS Access to Records Case
Press Release with Report 11-02-21

Lawsuit Challenges New York City's Segregation of Staten Island Students with Disabilities
Press Release   01-26-21 
Full Complaint

Kendrick v Anthem
Complaint 12-14-2020

OWPDD Fails to Release Critical COVID-19 Information
Press Release with Complaint11-23-2020

Lawsuit Filed Challenges New York State Department of Health Guidelines Allowing the Reallocation of Personal Ventilators
Press Release with Complaint 10-09-20

Agreement Made for June Accessible Absentee Voting Program
Press Release with Full Agreement06-03-2020

Coalition of Disability Groups Demand Access to New York’s Inaccessible Absentee Voting
Press Release with Complaint 05-22-2020

RMU Litigation
Complaint 05-19-2020

The Department of Justice Files  Statement of Interest 
Press Release 04-01-2020
Full Statement

Debra Bryant v. New York State Department of Health et al 
Complaint 11-01-2019

Goodall v DOCCS 
Complaint 04-17-2019

DRNY Challenges the Unlawful Practice of Limiting Eligibility for Services to People with Developmental Disabilities 
Press Release with Complaint04-08-2019

DRNY Class Action Lawsuit Over Inaccessible Dollar General Stores Moves Forward
Dollar General Motion to Dismiss Denied
Press Release with Decision 03-26-2019
Dollar General Class Action Settlement Agreement To Be Reviewed By Public
Press Release 02-26-2021

DRNY &The Legal Aid Society  File Class Action Lawsuit Aainst NYS (M.G. v. Cuomo)
Press Release with Complaint 1-23-19

DRNY Files Complaint Against the City of Troy, NY For Failing to Maintain Accessible Sidewalks Curb Cuts and Pedestrian Crossings
Press Release with Complaint 1-18-19

DRNY Files Complaint against NYS & Gov. Cuomo for Blocking DRNY as Voting Member of DDPC
Complaint 1-16-19

Wheelchair Users In NYC Exposed To Harmful Treatment By NYPD 
Press Release with Complaint 10-19-18

Access to records denied
Complaint 8-15-18
Press Release 8-15-18

Johnson et al v. DOCCS
Complaint 08-08-2018

DRNY Sues Landlord For Denying Access Ramp
Complaint  5-29-18 
Press Release 5-29-18

DRNY Files Class Action Lawsuit Over Inaccessible Dollar General Stores
Complaint 5-15-18 
Press Release 5-15-18 

Adult Home Class Action Suit; O’Toole v. Cuomo 
Supplement Settlement Agreement 3-16-18
Press Release 3-12-18
Press Release 3-2-17
Settlement Stipulation  1-30-14
AG Withdrawal Doc 2-28-17
Court Transcript 2-22-17

Students-Remain In Institutional Settings - DRNY v. OPWDD et al
Press Release 11-30-17
Complaint 11-30-17

Civil Rights Violations; Walley V. Casey Holtslander & Terri Holtslander
Complaint  2-27-17
Press Release 4-5-17

Text To 911 Service; Dupree & Logerfo v. City Of New York, Nassau & Suffolk Counties
Complaint 1-9-17
Press Release 1-5-17