P&A for People with TBI (PATBI)

PATBI 2023-2024Priorities

Our PATBI program helps people with TBI navigate legal issues that may affect all aspects of their lives, including access to medical care, housing accommodations, workplace accommodations, and accommodations in school. We ensure that people with TBI and their families have access to information, referrals and advice, individual and family advocacy, legal representation, and specific assistance in self-advocacy.

We provide advocacy to those with TBI to enhance and improve their access to services.

These services include:

  • Advice/counsel
  • Support in pursuing administrative remedies
  • Technical assistance
  • Investigation and monitoring
  • Negotiation/mediation
  • Direct legal representation
  • Training for self-advocacy and Information/referral

Who is Eligible for PATBI Services?

PATBI clients are individuals with acquired or traumatic brain injury. 

There is no charge for our services