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DRNY’s Executive Director, Timothy A. Clune, Esq. responds to Mayor Adams Plan to Involuntarily Hospitalize People Turning Back the Civil Rights Clock for New Yorkers: Mayor Adams’ Plan to Involuntarily Hospitalize People

November 29, 2022 - “The Mayor’s suggestion that involuntary commitment is the answer to caring for people in New York City who may need mental health assistance is wrong. 
Putting aside all of the significant logistical and legal problems with his plan, history has clearly shown that involuntary treatment has never been the answer. 

Instead of further stigmatizing our fellow New Yorkers, the City and State should be putting these same efforts towards providing food, shelter, safety and health services to its residents.  To be sure, neither the State nor City has demonstrated an earnest commitment to providing these necessities to those who actually seek them. [...]"

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