DRNY is committed to producing a wide variety of accessible formats for its informational materials.  This is so individuals can always acquire needed disability rights information in a manner that is relevant and respectful. Disability is individualized and diverse, so what is accessible to one may be inaccessible to another.

DRNY recognizes it is important for each web feature to be accessible to all people at all times. To this end, DRNY strives to provide key information in a variety of formats so that it is accessible to all that need and use this information. This means that DRNY website will continuously evolve and that DRNY's web designers continually strive to improve the accessibility of this website.

If DRNY has failed to do this for you, and you encounter information on our website which you cannot access, please let us know so that we can correct this error. Email: or use the contact page on this website to share your concerns.