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The Pandemic Threatened Their Ventilators. Will NY Officials Change Course Before The Next Crisis?

Disability rights group investigates pandemic performance of state-run group homes

Mar. 30, 2021 – Disability Rights New York has released a report that shines a light on the impacts that COVID-19 has had on the state’s group homes. Julie Michaels Keegan, Director of the Protection and Advocacy Program for Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities at Disability Rights New York, shared the findings of the report.

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The Crisis in Crisis Response
There is a need for change in how communities respond to mental health crises.

Mar 29, 2021 -Philip Yanos Ph.D.

In a recently-released report, in collaboration with the advocacy organization Disability Rights New York, I and colleagues from John Jay College recommend that communities begin the process of developing and implementing non-police responses to mental health crises. 

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Podcast: Our Ability talks to Disability Rights New York About 2021 Agenda

March 26, 2021 - John Robinson

Timothy A. Clune Esq. joins John Robinson on the March 26, 2021 Our Ability Podcast. Tim became the Executive Director of Disability Rights New York on April 1, 2013. Currently DRNY has a staff of approximately 70, with offices in Albany, Brooklyn and Rochester, New York.

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Team Cuomo gave group homes a deadly COVID mandate too — and it’s still in effect

Report: People With Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities Disproportionately Impacted by COVID-19

City Is Sued Over District 75 Schools For Students With Disabilities

Three Staten Island students and the Disability Rights New York advocacy group are seeking reforms to the Department of Education’s system so that students with disabilities have the option of attending their neighborhood schools with appropriate support, instead of traveling to dedicated schools known as District 75, which serve students with moderate to severe disabilities.

Why children are in pediatric nursing homes, separated from family by COVID-19

By Amanda Luz Henning Santiago City & State 

“No parent should be forced to institutionalize their child in order to get them the care they need.” DRNY Executive Director Tim Clune told City & State in an email, “Children should not be growing up in a nursing facility.”

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New York Promised to Help Mentally Ill People as They Left Prison. Here’s What Happened Instead.

By Samantha Michaels Mother Jones
September 4, 2020 

As he wandered around the east side of Manhattan, voices rattled around S.D.’s head. It was May 2019, and S.D., a 47-year-old man with schizophrenia, whom I’m naming by his initials for privacy, had just been released from a New York prison. His worldly possessions included little more than the clothes he’d been given by state officials, a white T-shirt and too-big khaki pants, plus a Metro card. He asked a man selling CDs on the street if he could borrow a cellphone to call his godmother for help.

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Think the Pandemic Sucks? Now Imagine You Have a Disability.

By Laura Bradley The Daily Beast
August 17, 2020

Like many people who work full-time jobs, Danielle knows she is lucky. She’s able to work from home, and the 37-year-old says her current employer is much more accommodating of her disability than her previous. That said, there have been hurdles—like the fact that telecommuting software like Zoom and WebEx still does not allow captioning, which can make work calls stressful when you’re deaf.

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Dismissed complaint re-filed against Guptill’s

By Jim Franco Spotlight News
August 12, 2020

Disability Rights New York brought a complaint late last month against Guptill’s Roller Skating Arena to the Department of Justice on behalf of a 17-year-old with Cerebral Palsy.

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Lawsuit alleges Guptill's Arena discriminated against teen in wheelchair

By Emily Burkhard WNYT
August 11, 2020 

A Schenectady family is suing Guptill’s Roller Skating Arena. They said the arena discriminated against their 17-year-old daughter because she uses a wheelchair.

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Watchdog: Group homes couldn’t get PPE from state

By Amanda Luz Henning Santiago
June 15, 2020

During the height of the coronavirus crisis in New York, a watchdog alleged that group homes accommodating 40,000 disabled children and adults did not receive much-needed personal protective equipment.

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Watchdog tells feds NY shorted group homes on masks, gowns during height of virus

By Michael Gormley Newsday

Group homes that care for 40,000 disabled adults and youths statewide were ordered along with hospitals to use masks and gowns during the COVID-19 virus, but the homes weren’t a priority to get essential gear during the height of the virus and faced shortages, according to a federal complaint.

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Inaccessible Coronavirus Information Excludes Impairment Communities

The absence of a sign language interpreter at key televised coronavirus briefings last week resulted in legal proceedings being brought against the office of New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo, as well as the U.K government.

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NY Governor Sued For Not Having ASL Interpreters At Briefings

May 1, 2020

An advocacy group and several New Yorkers who are deaf are suing Gov. Andrew Cuomo for not using an American Sign Language (ASL) interpreter at his daily televised coronavirus briefings.

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Deaf New York residents sue Cuomo for not using a sign language interpreter during his daily coronavirus briefings

Group Homes find little help from the state as they scramble for medical supplies

By Ben Verde Brooklyn Paper
April 21, 2020

Due to an oversight from the state government, group homes for the developmentally disabled are now forced to fend for themselves as they try to buy much-needed protective medical equipment — which are in short supply and rising in cost amid the novel coronavirus, according to disability advocates.

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New York Records High Death Rate of People With Disability

By Katie Gregory TRT World
April 20, 2020

Health experts say people who live with a disability are more likely to develop life-threatening complications from Covid-19. In New York State, the death toll is much higher among people with cancer, heart disease and muscular dystrophy. These are people who sometimes cannot leave their homes to access food or medicine. As Katie Gregory reports, they're being called the 'forgotten vulnerable'. 



Lack of Interpreters Cause Fear and Confusion Among the Deaf

By Rayvin Bleu Spectrum New York State

Coronavirus: Serving students with disabilities a crucial challenge for online educators

Gary Stern and Sophie Grosserode, Rockland/Westchester Journal News
March 30, 2020

Jennifer Fox is a veteran teacher, but the sudden need to help home-school her daughter Julia, a high school freshman who has autism, left her feeling very inadequate, very fast.

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For People With Disabilities, Navigating Can Be Difficult In Wintertime

WAMC FEB 4, 2019
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Troy Residents in Wheelchairs Sue City for Inaccessible Sidewalks

By Spectrum News Staff Troy 

Two Troy Residents who rely on wheelchairs to get around are suing the city, claiming sidewalks and streets are not accessible.
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Lawsuit filed against Troy over sidewalk maintenance

Man Accuses NYPD Of Taking His Wheelchair & Leaving Him On Dirty Holding Cell Floor

NEW YORK (WABC)- Danilelle  Leigh October 19, 2018

A class-action lawsuit filed Thursday in federal court is accusing the New York Police Department of violating the human rights of people with disabilities.
abc7ny investigative report

DRNY's Tim Clune on Proposed ADA Changes

October 4, 2018: DRNY’s Tim Clune on proposed ADA changes

Disability Rights New York is a federal watchdog of the state’s services for the disabled. We heard from Timothy Clune, Executive Director of Disability Rights New York, on the issues impacting New York’s disabled residents and how the organization is addressing them.

Accessibility In polling Places Coming Up Short
By Capital Tonight Staff   July 25, 2018​

​Polling places in New York are still coming up short on accessibility, according to a report from Disability Rights New York.

The group looked at polling sites in New York City and in Erie and Wyoming Counties to make sure the stations were set up so a disabled person would be able to vote with full privacy.

92 percent of the Erie County locations did not meet the standards, and 100 percent of the sites in Wyoming had issues.

Here to talk more about the problem and how to fix it, is DRNY Executive Director Tim Clune.
Spectrum News Interview

Five Years In, Critics Say NY Agency Offers Little Justice For Disabled
By Bethany Bump, July 23, 2018

ALBANY — Over a recent three-year period, 10,117 vulnerable New Yorkers died while in state care or the care of a program overseen by the state.

They were loved ones with intellectual or physical disabilities, forgotten souls battling addiction, troubled children and teens, and adults who bore the weight of mental illness.

In 287 of those deaths, an allegation of abuse or neglect at the hand of a caretaker, employee or authority figure was reported and subsequently investigated. In at least 140 of those, the state Justice Center for the Protection of People with Special Needs determined abuse or neglect likely occurred.

Not A Single Criminal Charge Was Brought In Response.

It's this track record — documented in annual reports to the governor and legislature from 2015 to 2017 — that has kept lawmakers and advocates questioning the investigative agency's willingness to hold wrongdoers accountable over the five years since it was created.
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Report: Bellevue Restrains Mentally Ill Patients Excessively & Erratically
By Ben Hattem, Nov. 28, 2016

Lawyers from a watchdog agency and the state Mental Hygiene Legal Service say they've found that patients on the psychiatric units at Bellevue hospital in Manhattan are physically restrained and forcibly injected with sedatives at dramatically higher rates than patients at other public hospitals in the city. They also found that the hospital allegedly under-reports these incidents, in apparent violation of state policy directives and federal law.
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The Justice Center Is Failing To Protect People With Disabilities- DRNY Calls For Reforms

The Justice Center has failed at its core mission, which is to protect individuals with disabilities.  It is now apparent that structural reforms are needed to remedy the problems and ensure that the Justice Center provides the essential protections it was intended to give to those who need it most.  Read the DRNY Press Release for more: Justice Center

DRNY Wins Northeast Parent And Child Society Case

DRNY won its case against Northeast Parent and Child Society! The decision reaffirmed DRNY’s right to access to the facility and the residents to monitor and investigate allegations of abuse and neglect. Please read two recent articles from the Washington TImes and Albany Times Union regarding the decision from the United States District Court for the Northern District of New York.
Times Union
 Disability group wins fight to enter Schenectady facility
Washington Times NY group home operator sued in probes of alleged abuse

A.G. Schneiderman  Announces Agreement To  Dismantle School To Prision Pipeline In Albany Schools

Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman announced an agreement today with the City School District of Albany to ensure that the District’s discipline policies and practices do not discriminate on the basis of race, national origin or disability status.  With this Agreement, both the Attorney General and the City School District of Albany reaffirm their commitment to fostering safe and effective school climates.
Agreement to DisMantle School to Prison Pipeline in Albany Schools

DRNY Finds Fault With State's Death Investigation

Associated Press Reports on DRNY's Investigation of the Death Investigation. 
Handling of Disabled Teen's Death in NY State Care Blasted

DRNY Investigative Report: The Death Of M.H.

DRNY's conducted an investigation of the death of an individual with intellectual and developmental disability.DRNY released a report of its investigation of the death of M.H., who lived in Saint Dominic’s Home, Dominican Hall (“SDH”), a New York Intermediate Care Facility for people with developmental disabilities. DRNY’s investigation concluded that M.H. was seriously neglected in the months preceding his death, causing him great suffering and likely contributing to his death.  New York State’s investigation of the matter by its Justice Center for Protection of People with Special Needs (Justice Center) was seriously deficient.  Despite overwhelming evidence of neglect, the Justice Center inexplicably failed to find that M.H. was neglected and completely failed to remedy the systemic problems that caused the neglect. 
Press Release Investigative Report


DRNY Testifies Before A Senate Hearing In Buffalo Regarding Sheltered Workshops

NY Governor Andrew Cuomo has announced a plan to phase out sheltered workshops to comply with a Supreme Court ruling that ensures everyone the right to work in an integrated setting. Jennifer Monthie, Esq. of DRNY, appeared at a public hearing at the University of Buffalo's Center for Tomorrow as a speaker and supporter of competitive employment for individuals with disabilities.
Hearing on Sheltered Workshops
DRNY's Jennifer Monthie's, Esq., entire Public Testimony

Federal Department of Justice Interested In North Colonie School Case

Department of Justice files a Statement of Interest supporting DRNY's authority in the North Colonie School Case.  
North Colonie School Case

Department Of Justice Files Statement Of Interest In DRNY V. North Colonie Board Of Education, Et Al.

A Statement of Interest was filed in DRNY v. North Colonie that argues that the PAIMI Act should be enforced to protect students with mental illness from abuse or neglect in public schools.
Statement of Interest Article

New York State Ending Admissions To Sheltered Workshops

New York State ended new admissions to sheltered workshops as of July 1, 2013, and will stop funding for them in 2020 -- the result of the state's April 2013 agreement with the U.S. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.
Sheltered Workshops Article

DRNY Appears On "Capitol Pressroom"

DRNY participated in the broadcast.
Full details of the Capitol Pressroom

Capitol Pressroom host Susan Arbetter led a one-hour show on Sunmount, a facility which cares for individuals with intellectual disabilities in Tupper Lake, New York to shed more light on recent occurrences at Sunmount.  

NYC DOC Allegedly Withholds Records On Violence Against Developmentally Disabled Juvenile Inmate

DRNY filed a lawsuit on March 12th in the Eastern District of New York claims the New York City Department of Corrections (DOC) withheld important records from a federally-mandated disability advocate after they learned guards had brutally attacked a developmentally disabled juvenile inmate at the Robert N. Davoren Complex on Rikers Island.
DOC Article

State Reviewing North Colonie School Program

Amid an ongoing federal lawsuit by DRNY over the treatment of students with disabilities, the North Colonie school district is coming under review by the state. 
North Colonie Article

Special Education Task Force Event

The Special Ed Task Force recently offered a forum on a proposal in the Governor’s budget bill that would set up a procedure where schools could seek a wavier of certain State special ed requirements. The Southern Tier Task Force held its forum which was covered by local media.
New 12 coverage

Advocacy Group Fights District

DRNY, an advocacy group charged with safeguarding disabled New Yorkers is locked in legal combat with the North Colonie school district over whether the group should be allowed to investigate allegations that special education students suffered abuse and neglect in their elementary school.
North Colonie Article

Disability Rights Advocates Speak To Students About Institutional Abuse And Torture In America

Two disability rights attorneys and an institutional abuse survivor participated in a panel discussion entitled “Human Rights Aren’t For Us: Disability & Legalized Abuse,” the third in Lydia Brown‘s (COL ’15) Lecture & Performance Series on Disability Justice that is being held and sponsored by various University and external organizations throughout the academic year
Institutional Abuse Article

Bullying Prevention Conference

Orange was the color to wear at the Bruce M. Wright Memorial Conference Center as dozens gathered at a bullying prevention conference sponsored by the Northern Regional Center for Independent Living and presented by DRNY.
Bullying Prevention Conference

DRNY Warns Mechanicville On Access For Disabled

DRNY threatened to take legal action against the city if it does not develop a plan within 100 days to fix its sidewalks, create and fix curb cuts and install signs so people with disabilities have equal access to the downtown business district.
Mechanicville Access